Rave Reviews


Jan said,

“Melissa and her team are AMAZING!!!! I had such a horrible experience finding a videographer. The one I originally hired stole my money and never responded to my calls, or emails. I was so thankful when I found Melissa. She is just simply the best! She responds quickly to all emails and phone calls, even now that my wedding is over. We barely noticed that she was there on the day of the wedding, and she and her team worked so well with my photographer. The video we received is so beautiful! We couldn't be happier with everything she did!” 

Nicole said,

“Dear Fox is amazing! They had great communication from scheduling & details, to follow through and final video. I am so pleased with our videos and Melissa was truly awesome to work with. She was on time, helpful, and such a sport, keeping up with all the events throughout our wedding day! The video turned out perfect. I will definitely be recommending Dear Fox Films to everyone I know!"

Kate Said,

“Dear Fox was amazing! They were very professional and did a wonderful job. I love my wedding highlight video, it turned out so good. Everyone who has seen it thinks it's great. I highly recommend Dear Fox Films as your wedding videographer. I was very impressed with their team and so happy that I hired them to capture our special day!"

Gaby Said,

"Dear Fox was a breeze to work with! Very professional and prompt! We were so happy with the quality and the creativeness of the end product - our wedding video. So happy we found their service. Thank you Melissa and the rest of Dear Fox Films!"

Gaby Said,

“I know there are a lot of great reviews on here but I felt compelled to write a review considering how I keep watching my wedding video over and over and over again. I AM OBSESSED WITH HOW IT CAME OUT. We were on the fence about even having a videographer and our wedding planner referred us to Dear Fox Films and thank goodness she did!! The video and the photos are the only thing you have after you have planned this event for months and you want an amazing memory. My husband has a better eye for videography and he chose Dear Fox out of a couple of different options based on the quality of the other videos they had done and allllllll of my friends and family cannot stop talking about what great quality our video is and how it made them laugh and cry and just remember what an incredible day it was. I barely remember the videographer team on the day of which I think was on purpose!! They are there capturing everything but careful not to get in the way of a natural moments or in the way of your fun! I couldn’t even tell you what their names are, I was so distracted by everything else. Clearly when you watch our video though, you know they got the best angles and shots of literally everything important. Plus I love that you can get a longer documentary edit so you have it for memories instead of just the highlight video. 20 years from now we will be able to watch the whole thing and show our kids what our special day was like!! Thank you Melissa and Dear Fox Films, you guys nailed it!“